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VOXI SIM Only Deals

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Why choose a VOXI SIM?

Our best VOXI SIM Only Deals provide you with a SIM Card only package with no handset. You provide the handset and we provide the SIM Card.

There are multiple benefits of going with a SIM Only package, like shorter contract lengths and cheaper monthly line rental.

When you select a SIM Only package you’ll be able to select a commitment length which are usually between 1 and 24 months. The longer commitment you choose, the cheaper your line rental will be.

A SIM Only Deal can be used in any new or used mobile phone or Smartphone providing the handset is not locked to another network. Most modern handsets are sold unlocked and you can usually get a free unlocking code from the provider that issued the handset.

Our best VOXI SIM Only Deals come with unlimited calls and texts. You can choose the amount of data required or choose one of our unlimited data deals which allows you to use your data with no speed caps and allows you to tether all your devices at no extra cost.

Our SIM Only Deals all come with fast 3G & 4G and if your handset supports it, 5G comes as standard at no extra cost which gives you access to an ultra fast connection with low latency and lag.

All Plans Include

Unlimited Social Media

WiFI & 4G Calling

Unlimited calls & texts

Personal Hotspot

Fast 5G, 4G & 3G Data

No speed caps